(Indonesia) Vsat Link

VSAT Link is a 24 hours connection for private connection or to the internet, fast, secure and reliable. VSAT Link Services:

    • VSAT PTP Link, is a point-to-point (PTP) service, using SCPC (Single Carrier Per Channel) mode, in which one node can only connect to one other node. In this mode, normally data & voice are transmitted in one carrier through a multiplexer device (mux). SCPC is being used to distribute a broadcast of data, digital audio and video economically in full duplex (two way). In SCPC, data is being transmitted to the satellite continuously in one channel. Satellite signal is received in one location as point-to-point or to many sites, so each sites can connect directly without having to go through the hub.


    • VSAT TWBS Link (Two Way Broadband System), is a service for those who need flexibility to communicate within their offices/sites directly. It is similar with the SCPC without hub control.


    • VSAT IP Link is the latest variant from the satellite communication, using data protocol TCP/IP, so when connecting the VSAT Link system to the LAN, there’s no need to use any external router as in the VSAT Link PTP.?The features of VSAT Link IP are as followed:
      • It has capability of outbound rate up to 52.5 Mbps, and inbound rate up to 2 Mbps.
      • It can have broadcast capability, since it uses DVB-S2 and DVB/RCS technology.
      • It uses MF-TDMA technology to reduce collision data rate, so it can achieve an optimal throughput.
      • IP bases, and it has an internal router, so no more external router needed.
      • It has TCP acceleration feature, to speed up the TCP based application such as HTTP, FTP, etc.


    • Mobile VSAT Link, is the services for providing mobile VSAT Link. The antenna and the VSAT Link system will installed in a minivan. The pointing and synchronization to the satellite can be manual or automatic using gyro system. We have deployed this solution in Banks, and MPLIK Kominfo.
    • VSAT Link Integration Services, is the services for those who need a more specific integration to their existing IT Infrastructure, such as: WAN Optimization, Bandwidth Management, Load Balancing and Fail Over between VSAT Link and Terrestrial. Thisservices is suitable for mission critical application such as Banking, Insurance, Civil Aviation, etc.